💅🏼Attention to all Gel Polish Lovers 💅🏼

We just wanted to show you the difference between picking your Gel Polish off which many clients do vs removing it the correct way.

As you can see from the pictures the difference in texture on the nails. The right one (from your view) is now dry, rough & flakey. Whereas the left is more how the natural nail should look. 
This is the effect of just after ONE TIME removing via picking, lifting & pulling.

Now think if you like to get your nails gel polished regularly & you think to yourself why are my nails becoming so thin and weak. Well you’ll find it’s because you’re not having them professionally removed or using the correct products and tools at home.

Many clients like to grow their nails to a nice length when the gel is on & to keep that length for the next gel polish treatment and in time have the length of extensions but naturally. This fails to happen when picking the gel off giving a client an unhappy circle of them never growing to the length they desire.

Generally gel polish won’t harm your natural nails if they are applied correctly & removed correctly. Please bare this in mind next time you think
“ooooh my gel is peeling a little I’ll just pull it off” 🙅🏻‍♀️

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