Best ways to Contact?

Well let’s start with the good old fashioned phone call. Call day or evening we are here to assist your enquiries & bookings. Then there’s the modern email for the more relaxed rely. Drop a quick & easy text when you’re busy leading a fast paced life.

But best of all online. That will take care of everything for you. Just with a simple click of a button.

Another great way if you’re local, walk on byes are very welcome to take the opportunity of our price lists that are allocated on the wall outside. In fact take a few for friends & family.


How do I know this is the right salon for me?

Rest assure with both experience & top notch products, we tick those boxes.

You’ll be more than content & relaxed with the experience you’ll receive from Arden Beauty.

You’ll leave referring to others & that will only benefits you further as you’ll be entitled to receive not only 10% off your first treatment but a further 10% when recommend friends & family.

Still questioning your decision then take a look at our genuine testimonials. Also there’s a 360 of Arden Beauty Salon.


Can you travel – come to me?

That would be a resounding Yes but only in certain situations & circumstances. Like If you’re having your wedding make-up done I am able to travel to the required destination (well within reason).

If you or you know an elderly lady that wants to feel pampered in her own home then yes we can make that happen. Also pamper parties are often preferred in the comfort of your own surroundings.


Facilities & More

There is access to a toilet & basin. You’ll find hot water & heating. Hot and Cold refreshments, Tea, Herbal tea, coffee & hot chocolate are on offer. Did someone say a ‘biccie’? Yes if you like.  

Spare seating area for guests & room for little ones prams. Even books and small toys can be supplied.


How can I pay?

We have a Paypal card reader which will take card payments, cash or unless you want to book online & use the pre-payment service.