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Here at Arden Beauty, we offer nothing but luxury touches and custom tailored treatments to our clients with time being no obstacle. Exceptional is in our name but shhhhh don’t tell anyone that’s under wraps until you get to discover it for yourself.

A  Ambience. Creating the perfect atmosphere

R  Restore. Renewing your inner well being

D Deliver.  How we best serve you

E Exceptional.  Nothing but impeccable

N Needs.  Fore filling yours is what we do

 Beyond.  We always strive to perform above and beyond

 Experts.   Our Knowledge, skill and experience

 Amaze.  Be prepared

 Understanding.  We are here to listen and advise

 Tailor.  Customising your requirements

 You.  You’re are our number 1 priority

Our clients will experience nothing but relaxation, comfortableness and most of all satisfaction.

The treatments that we offer signify us as a brand, a statement treatment that stays in your mind and ticks every box possible.

You get what you pay for and no minuet is left where an area isn’t being touched or treated.  Every minute to us is valuable so your money will be well spent, leaving you feeling wowed and amazed.

Our key to success is right here within our Signature Treatments: a combination of some of our best loved secrets.

Arden’s Cleansing Back Rescue                                      

Where you can’t reach and treat.

Body brushing to begin the treatment followed by a body polish, a hot towel to unwind the muscles then a truly relaxing back, neck, shoulder and arm massage with one of our sumptuous indulging body creams.


Arden’s Eye Enlightenment                                               

Revive your focal point.

Cleansing your eyes deeply, cooling and refreshing the area, soothing mask, followed by our lavender eye pillow.  A mitt will warm the hands through allowing the tension to be released aided by massaging. Fresh cucumber will remove the mask and an eye nourish cream will be used to complete the treatment. Specialised tea bags are used if required.  Depending on your consultation.


Arden’s Neck, Face and Scalp Revive         

Above the shoulders.

A heated shoulder and neck brace is placed under your shoulders and neck instantly melting your cares away. Then wipe away the daily grime from your neck and face eradicating dirty.  Cooling toning pads will remove the final traces. Facial oil will be applied freely to all areas. Massaging will unwind away any tension we all unknowingly hold in our face and neck along with drainage of any stagnant fluid normally found in the jawline. Hands will then run into your hairline and throughout the scalp.  Leaving you feeling totally in a relaxed state.


Arden’s Discover Intense Facial                                               

Get ready for something special.

Heated mitts are wiped over your feet calming your body and mind.  With the heated under a blanket and the soft heavy comfort blanket above you’ll feel cocooned into the bed where you’ll stay for a blissful hour and a half.  Cream being massaged into the skin and sponges to remove, steam directed to your face opening the pores allowing the next stage to work fully. Extraction may take place if discussed and therefore required.  Now for the ultimate deep cleansing handheld machine. It lifts out 10 x more dirty than any normal wiping. two different head choices depending on the vigorous depth needed. exfoliation will get rid of the dead skin cells after.  An oil will be chosen by your therapist for your massage to commence. By this time you’ll be well into relaxation you may even nod off. Mask suited to your skin will be applied and whilst it’s on your therapist will work on your feet.  Heated mitts will remove the mask and cooling pads to tone. Lastly, a moisturiser is used.


Arden’s Bespoke Full Body Massage 

Feel like New.

A consultation is firstly required to get the full understanding as to what it is you’d really like from your treatment.  There’s so much to be received. Then let your mind drift into a bliss as your body sinks into the beauty couch.  The warmth from our heated blanket, oils and the massage movements will make your body feel utterly comforted.  You may have chosen according to your body condition the soothing techniques to increase circulation, improve muscle relaxation and reduce stress or a more deeper concentrated slower strokes that include the use of forearms and elbows.

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£21 Eye Enlightenment

£26 Cleansing Back Rescue

£26 Neck, Face & Scalp Revive

£45 Bespoke Full Body Massage

£50 Discovery Intense Facial

30 Mins

30 Mins

30 Mins

1 Hour & 15 Mins

1 Hour & 30 Mins

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