Body Scrub

Everyone wants to have silky smooth skin and a body scrub treatment does just that. We all feel our body needs a good scrub from time to time.  Polishing it from head to toe getting into areas you can’t reach yourself. This treatment often gets overlooked but it has so many benefits not only on the outside but the inside too..

Benefits to Body Polishing

Restoring your skins radiance will be an instant noticeable result.  Your skin will appear velvety, soft and visibly smoother. So say goodbye to dry, dull and lifeless skin and say hello to renewed and regenerated.  It’s a great base for your skin to allow your own products to seep and soak into your skin layers more effortlessly giving you more for your money.  Also if you’re prone to ingrown hairs this treatment is perfect and it makes hair removal easier. If you suffer from any body skin breakouts which can often happen on the back and shoulders exfoliation can minimise pores and reduce the chances. Not to leave out the fact that it helps to reduce the appearance of age and liver spots.

A body brush is used all over the body helping to get the circulation flowing. An abrasive products is applied vigorously.  It ‘s wiped off with lovely heated towel mitts. Lastly a nourishing and highly hydrating body moisturiser is used. It’s a perfect prep for a new you.

It’s important to note if you’ve never received such a treatment before to know a little of what to expect.  So if you’re a little shy ‘word up’ body parts will be exposed but please rest assume it’s all done in a discreet way and in a room that’s highly private and secure.

For a unique experience we will tailor your choice of body polish and moisturiser to give you the most effective results possible.


Reward Your Skin,

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