Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions glamour springs to mind, every woman wants luscious, lustering lashes. With Advanced techniques & professional standards rest assure you’ll get the perfect look.  They require zero mascara and very little maintenance in between appointments.  You’ll find they are a sort after treatment for ladies.

Eyelashes extensions will open up the eye area which will draw attention to your eyes and frame your face.  It’s always best to have a look online to get an idea of the look you’re wanting to achieve..  Nowadays there are so many different curls, lengths and thicknesses along with styles.  A consultation will determine those details otherwise if you’d like us to advise.

Classic – Natural & most common type of extensions. Single lash extensions are applied singly onto your very own lash.

Hybrid – Don’t be baffled by the word it’s a technique where two different lash applications are combined.  The classic lash alongside the Russian Volume lash creating a unique look.

4D Russian – Think fullness.  These create just that.  A wow glamours look for a va-va-voom feel.  Four lash extensions made into a fan shape which is then applied to your single own natural lash.

Eyelash Lift

This curling and lifting treatment is definitely a way to add length.

Throw away those lash curlers and time spent curling them. A much better technique has advanced from perming the lashes now it’s not only curing them but lifting your lashes from their very roots. This is giving a lengthening effect.

Why don’t you add in a lash Tint alongside. It goes hand in hand with a lash lift. Wake up ladies with naturally beautiful looking lashes. What more could you possible ask for. Viola there you have it lovely lashes that are still your very own!!!

Want those WoW Lashes. I’ll let you into a secret for those that don’t know. You can have them at a fraction of the cost of eyelash extensions with no fortnightly upkeep.

Best of all you’re enhancing what you already have & let’s face it beauty is at it’s best when you can simply & more naturally just ..elevate … what you already have.

With tinting taking place also you can grab the attention with the darkness that then brightens your own eye colour.

You’ll been amazed how short stubby lashes can look lengthened & lifted with just over an hour.

What’s not to love??

Eyebrow and Eyelash Tint             

Perfect choice for an up and coming holiday or just to darken the effects of your daily mascara.  It’s a great way to look made up with minimal effort.  Tinting is especially good for those of you with busy life styles.  If you’re fair and you want to give your eyebrows and eyelashes a darken and more defined look then tinting is definitely the one for you.

The first step to having the perfect eyebrows and eyelashes you need to decide the colour, deciding the colour is crucial as you don’t want the brows to be too dark or the lashes to be too light. But leave that to us after all we are the professionals.  They will last around 3- 4 weeks before becoming faded. 

Eyebrow – Wow Brow              

Do you want Brows that are groomed to an inch of perfection?  The eyes are the focal point of our face and so we find it’s all about framing the face. Well deigned brows will go a long way to achieving that look.

This treatments involves waxing, threading, trimming, tinting & make-up.

Book a Brows or Lashes Treatment

£8 Eyebrow Tint

£12 Eyebrow Tweeze & Tidy

£22 WoW Brow

£12 Eyelash Tint

£18 Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint

£30 Eyelash Lift

£37 Eyelash Lift & Tint

£50 Classic Lash Extensions

£25 Classic Lash Infill

£55 Hybrid Lash Extensions

£22 Hybrid Lash Infill

£60 4D Russian Volume Lash Extensions

£30 4D Russian Volume Lash Infill

£15 Eyelash Removal

15 mins

30 Mins

30 Mins

30 Mins

30 Mins

1 Hour

1 Hour & 15 Mins

2 Hour & 15 Mins

1 Hour

2 Hours

1 Hour

2 Hour & 15 Mins

1 Hour

30 Mins

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