facial treatments

What’s most seen to ourselves and everyone around us?  Our Face…. so let’s look after it and show it off proudly!!!

A Consultation and face diagnostic are the beginnings of discovering your skin’s needs. If it’s a regular upkeep or a special treat be ready for your expectations to be met and so much more. Say goodbye to clogged up pores and unruly skin and say hello to hydrated and an overall better complexion.

The routine used to achieve the best results…..

Cleanse, deep cleanse, exfoliate, tone, massage and pressure points, mask, hot towels, tone, eye cream and finish with a suited moisturiser.

There are multiple steps to getting the near perfect skin. If it’s acne you’re suffering from or ageing skin. We can tackle and get rid of those impurities regenerating new skin cells and losing of the old.

Scientists studies claim that regular facials will low your stress levels.  Your skin deteriorates due to stress levels from bags under the eyes and dark circles right through to induced skin conditions. Facial treatments improve circulation.  This gives the skin a pale and less youthful look if poor. Massaging will help with the detoxifying process as we work alongside the lymphatic drainage system of any unwanted waste gathered around the face neck and shoulders.  Yet another advantage to facials which people love is that the absorption of follow on products are way more effective. If your skin is supple, well circulated and soft it will not only look better but feel better too.

Neal’s Yard

This brand is the most incredible range of Organic products. Their range covers every aspect of Body & Skin Care. 
With their natural English made products in their well thought out stylishly designed bottles. 
It’s like velvet at your fingertips. Once you experience any treatment with Neal’s Yard products you’ll wonder why you’ve not discovered them many moons ago. 

Beauty products with no nasties.  With the skin being the largest organ of our bodies it’s sure to say it deserves to be well looked after inside and out. When it comes to Neal’s Yard they do just that within their ingredients.  They make their products as pure as possible using highly graded organic plant-based ingredients.

We here at Arden Beauty chose the very best with our products, studying and observing to make sure we had the correct products to use and offer to our clients.  Anyone can buy in cheap but that won’t give clients the results to the skin that’s often needed.

Our menu of Facials we have to offer…..

Express Facial

By no means is this less in terms of products being used as we squeeze in everything we can in a short space of time but unfortunately the luxury of the massage isn’t there.But it’s a great pick me up if you’re short on time or funds

Re-hydrating Facial

If you find your skin is missing that lustful glow then the Re-hydrating Facial will give you a radiance boost that will replenish your complexion

Deep Purifying Facial

A steamer will be used with this facial so if you suffer from acne, large pores and generally clogged up skin then this facial will be well suited to you. Includes extraction if required

Anti-Ageing Facial

Facial massage stage in this treatment will help to sculpt and tone the facial muscles.Gaining a natural lift and with deep penetration of their highly rich products be sure to see instant results

Book a Facial Treatment

£20 Express

£30 Re-hydrating

£35 Deep Purifying

£45 Anti-Ageing


1 Hour

1 Hour

1 Hour & 15 Mins

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