Indian Head Massage

The massage techniques increase a sense of euphoria.  It stimulates oxygen to the scalp which in turn helps with hair follicles growth. Tension is dispersed and elevated. It’s a treatment suited to those that suffer from migraines, insomnia, fatigue and anxiety.  Energy flow is restored from blockages and the body is back in alignment.

This treatment can be performed fully clothed or half clothed and with or without oil.  This is down to the individuals preference which can be discussed during the consultation.


Hopi Ear Candling 

Ear candling improves general health within the ear canal emptying any blockages.  It’s an alternative holistic approach to the usual ear wax removal.  The hollow candle is placed in the ear and the end is lit allowing the burning process to vacuum suction the wax out.

Some promote and claim that ear candling can assist with many problems and treat sinusitis, tinnitus and vertigo.



Reiki is a non-invasive hands on treatment. Reiki flows into the energy field into the physical body.  It can bring inner peace and harmony.  You may also experience profound insight, clarity of mind and feel emotionally uplifted.

Reiki promotes well-being, self-awareness, self-esteem, em-empowerment, self-worth, & focus. It dramatically reduces stress, anxiety, depression, obsessive thoughts and panic attacks.


Crystal Healing

Crystals assist healing on an emotional, mental, spiritual and physical level due to their mineral properties. Crystal Therapy provides the perfect opportunity for soul/spiritual growth to fill us with inner peace.

The treatment starts with a relaxing meditation. Crystals are placed on the body & through the energy field, conducting the light of the soul, focusing energy wherever it is required. Once energy blocks are released physical symptoms are eased.



Neurol Linguistic Programming changes how you think from negative habits into a positive mindset. It will adjust how you communicate  & behave with others so you can become much more confident & in control of your life. Step into the power of who you are born to be, not who you were conditioned to be!


EFT / Havening

This is a powerful therapy used as a gentle tapping movement on the acupressure points, to help you release any static energy that may be caused by pain or distress. I have found it deeply releases old static energy patterns, past experiences, dealing with stressful life changes & trauma.

This is usually combined within the NLP session.

Treats the following conditions:

  • Stress   / Anxiety

  • Low Mood

  • Addictions / Smoking

  • Confident building

  • Panic Attacks

  • Body image

  • Trauma relief

  • Bereavement

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£30 Hopi Ear Candling Including Drainage

£45 Reiki

£45 Crystal Healing

£45 ELF

£45 NLP

30 Mins

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1 Hour & 15 Mins

1 Hour & 15 Mins

1 Hour & 15 Mins

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