The tools we use the most but often neglected. They look after and assist us to make everyday life happen. So if you’re noticing cracked skin or dry and overgrown cuticles then a manicure treatment will be ideal. Not only the essential maintenance can be required but the wow factor can be also be achieved.  Hands are a looked upon as extension of ones self. Tidy well looked after hands and nails are a must.

Soaking your hands into a glass bowl will begin the treatment. That’s if there’s no polish to be removed first. Then they are ready to be clipped & filled into the shape you choose.

Cuticles will be tackled in order for them to look in place and not over grown. This allows the best base for the polish to sit on. But before then a scrub is used to remove that dead skin.  Then a moisturiser is massaged into the skin to give relaxation, nourishment and lastly your chosen polish will be applied.



Most feet feel like they need either an over haul or maintenance.  Cracked heels are normally a problem alongside over grown cuticles and nails.

Soaking them into a warm and bubbling spa will help your toe nails, cuticles & heels to soften.

Once they are taken out a rasp is used to target the dry skin on the souls of your feet.
The nails are clipped and filled into shape.

The Jessica cuticle product is applied to the cuticles or the O.P.I if chosen. A tool will scrape away any stuck down over grown cuticle along with the cuticle clippers which will help to nip away any unwanted parts.

Exfoliating scrub will get rid of those dead skin cells and assist in making them feel much smoother.

Back in the spa they go for washing away all the exfoliate. Your feet are now ready for drying and best of all a foot massage.
A lovely light cream will melt into your skin before applying your chosen polish.



They know their stuff. They are on trend with their nail range. Not only offering fashion in beauty & driving the force forward with innovations but their attention to detail is beyond other nail brands.
They truly know the Nail care industry. This Spa & Salon only brand is one to be used.


Zen Spa

This state of the art pedicure system will inspire your mind on a zen journey.   Cleanse, exfoliates, dry, hard dull skin.  Rejuvenating, softening and nourishing to healthier skin.  Awaken and renew your senses with the Zen Spa treatments.



High end salons use this brand and they are renowned for their exceptional formulas, fashionable colours and long lasting wear.  Heavily pigmented nail polishes give a durable chip resistant fine quality.  From bold reds to natural nudes you’ll be sure to find a colour suited to you.


Pro Spa

With facial skincare quality ingredients it’s like a facial but for the hands and feet.  Perfected for the professional use the formula designed to nourish and protect the skin whilst offering anti-ageing effects.


Callus Peel

Removes callus just like an orange peel.  Unlike filing and blades this really work to remove dead skin.

The skin soft peel patch penetrates the deeper layers of the skin softening them up ready to be scraped away.  Followed by buffing and a soothing conditioning moisturiser. How severe the callus is will determine how long the patch is left on for.  Best of all you’ll see instant results.

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Jessica Zen Spa

£15 File, Cuticle Tidy & Polish    

£25 Manicure/Pedicure    

£30 Deluxe Manicure/Pedicure


1 Hour

1 Hour

Callus Peel

£15 Callus Peel Treatment

£35-£38 Callus Intense Heel Treatment & Pedicure


1 Hour

O.P.I Pro Spa

£18 File, Cuticle Tidy & Polish

£28 Manicure/Pedicure

£33 Deluxe Manicure/Pedicure


1 Hour

1 Hour

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