Be prepared to feel in utter bliss.  The treatments are tailored to your individual needs and requirements.  Essential oils are Inhaled to send the body and mind into an induced relaxed state. This will help to post renew and restore energy levels unblocking and assisting to eliminate toxins.

A pressure that’s desired will leave you feeling happily confident that your money is being well spent.  As we all know a treatment of such kind is usually a luxury. So we do our very best to use our professionalism of both practical and mental knowledge to wow you with our years of extensive training to put into practice.  Swedish Massage being a very popular type of massage to offer, it’s a combined mix of 5 movement styles of flowing, stroking, kneading, twisting and rubbing.  There are various massage combinations to be had so if it’s your legs, arms or any other limbs you want us to really home in on then we can provide that service for you.

The tranquil surroundings & warming ambience will allow your body and mind to totally surrender to the hands of your therapist.  A consultation will help us to understand what you’d like to get from your massage.  Then it’s time to enjoy the heated blanket, harmonious music and sumptuous oil.  Any stress and worries will simply melt away.


Hot Stones

The warmth of the stones relaxes the muscles quicker allowing us to work deep into the affected areas. Massaging works alongside the lymphatic drainage system which benefits the release of built up toxins and waste. The heat expands the blood vessels this helps to encourage a healthy blood flow. Any knotty areas can be well alleviated.


Indian Head Massage

The massage techniques increase a sense of euphoria. It stimulates oxygen to the scalp which in turn helps with the hair follicles growth. Tension is dispersed and elevated. It’s a treatment suited to those that suffer from migraines, insomnia, fatigue and anxiety.

Energy flow is restored from blockages and the body is back in alignment.  Areas covered are the back, shoulders, neck, arms, face and scalp. The treatment can be carried out with or without product.  Please discuss your preferred choice to your therapist on arrival or in the note section if booking online.


Products Used

We use only the best at Arden Beauty.  Neal’s Yard is extracted from flower based plants and is highly organic.

We offer the correct oils to suit your symptoms or you preferred mood.

soothing, uplifting, balancing, relaxing or energising.


Massaging Health Benefits

There are many health benefits to having massages. Research shows that regular massages can help with all kinds of health issues and conditions such as anxiety, poor sleep, depression skin problems and general aches and pains. Thus giving someone’s health a second lease of life such as more energy levels, increasing relaxation to your mind and body and also reconnecting to ones calmness. Health and well being is at the forefront of our minds when carrying out any massage treatments.

Before and Aftercare advice

We advise that you avoid any alcohol 24 hours before and after.  Massaging is detoxifying to the body as we work alongside the lymph drainage system. Water is key for both before and after. Try and eat a light meal before receiving a massage not only because it could be uncomfortable to lay on a full stomach but it will help with the detoxifying process. Come in loose clothing if you can and preferably not your best as you may get traces of oil that are yet to soak into your skin.

After it’s advised to take it easy and allow yourself to get optimum hours of sleep that evening. You may experience some achenes the following day but don’t be alarmed if this is so. It’s apart of the natural process.

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Hot Stone

£25 Hot Stone Back, Neck & Shoulder

£40 Hot Stone Full Body

30 Mins

1 Hour


£20 Back, Neck & Shoulder

£30 Back, Neck & Shoulder

£35 Full Body

30 Mins

45 Mins

1 Hour


£24 Back, Neck & Shoulder

£34 Back, Neck & Shoulder

£39 Back, Neck, Shoulder, Face & Scalp

£39 Full Body

30 Mins

45 Mins

1 Hour

1 Hour

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