Nail Art


Minx Wraps

Minx is a film solid that is activated via heat.  When the design is chosen, the natural nail/s are prepped, the foil is cut to size, the minx is heated under the infa-red heat source, applied to the nail, pressed down and hey presto there you have it.

The most talked about nail foil art designs in the industry.  It’s all about extending fashion to your finger tips. From lace to metallic there’s a full range to choose from.  Say goodbye to boring nails. Minx designs are fabulous.

Wanting to make a wow statement they will be sure to do just the job.  Forever growing their hugely vast range.  Get ready to be inspired.  We can match up anything so if it’s an up and coming event you have, a fancy dress party or a holiday theme so many combinations of designs.

It never chips, requires no drying time, chemical free, simple to remove.  In fact you don’t even need to return to the salon for removal. Hey what’s not to love!!!

This treatment does not cause any harm to the natural nail. Fingers can last anything between 1-2 weeks whereas toes nails can last longer.  As said before Minx can be incorporated on natural nails, manicure, pedicure or with a gel application.


Magpie Glitter

This brand is really outstanding when it comes to offering nail glitter.  So many pretty colours to choose from.  They say “enjoy making the world more bright and sparkly”.  Shrinkage free, long lasting and strong colour coverage.  It sits well on top of nail polish and gel polish.  Your therapist can over a full nail, tips or a design of your choosing.


Nail Foil

It’s just another way to make your nails look different from a basic colour.  It may be used all over the nail or partly to create the look you’re after.  All shimmers and shines to take your fancy.



The most recent in popularity.  These are created by rubbing a fine powdery substance over your nail giving the look of a glass finish.  From rose gold through to holographic.  A chrome finish definitely offers to catch ones eye.

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