Q & A




How will I know which type of massage to have?

Let us help you to decide.  Either by checking out our website or by calling us.  There are a fair few to decide from and all are for different reasons and expectations.

When to avoid getting a massage?

If you’re feeling under the weather

If you have any open cuts or abrasions

Any recent surgery on the areas that are being treated

Cancer suffers and aren’t yet in 3 years or more into their remission.

What do I wear & am I covered up?

Loose clothing is always best. After your treatment you want the oils to soak into your skin not into your clothes.

We ask that you keep your bottom underwear on but everything else can comes off.  We always make sure that you are covered up by a towel to ensure your privacy on the areas that aren’t being treated.

How about if I don’t like the pressure?

Please say.  We pride ourselves in delivering you the best possible service.  We always ask 3-5 mins in to your treatment as to whether the pressure is alright.

Should I wash off the oils?

Yes you can of course but it’s good to allow up to 4 hours or more so your body can get full use of the effects of the products used.

I’ve heard drinking water is best after the treatment?

Definitely, this is key.  Hydrating your body is a must anytime especially before and after a massage.  We work alongside the drainage and lymphatic system and water will help to flush out any unwanted waste and toxins.





What to expect during a facial?

Depending on the facial chosen but do take a look at the facial section for a more detailed description otherwise feel free to call up and ask any questions.

How will my skin react?

All reactions should be positive and in case they aren’t we shall instantly removes the products.

What to do if I feel there’s a reaction?

If you alert your therapist of any unwanted feelings felt on the skin then she can react immediately to soothe and tend to your reaction.  Often feelings of a reaction are burning, tingling and redness.

When not to have a facial?

If you are suffering from any sores, cuts or abrasions.  Any contagious diseases or illnesses.

When to book in next?

We will help to guide you on when is best but it does depend on what your expectations and requirements of your results.  Most skin issues can’t be resolved in one treatment.

How do I make the most of my facial after?

You need to follow a routine.  So that may mean bettering the one you already have or creating a new one if you’ve never had one.  We will guide you on the products best suited to your skin type after all that is our job!





How should I prepare my skin before?

Exfoliating the night before is great but be sure not to apply any moisturiser on the day of treatment.

How long do my hairs have to be?

Well if you are having warm wax then it needs to be half an inch

And with hot wax it can afford to be that bit shorter.

Should I avoid anything after waxing?

Heat.  So don’t go rush and jump into a hot bath or a Jacuzzi.  Also try and avoid deodorant straight away and heavy make-up too.  Obviously this depends on which areas you have waxed.

How long should I leave in between treatments?  

Everyone is different with their hair growth but on average every 3-6 weeks.

How about if I’ve always shaved and this is my first wax appointment?

We will make you feel at ease talking you through step by step.  Applying the wax in small amounts until you’re comfortable with the experience.  Normal 2-3 weeks from when you last shaved will you then require a waxing appointment growth wise.





How does threading work?

Threading works by removing the hairs at the root.

How long do the hairs have to be?

They have to be visible but with threading they can be short.

Where can I have threading?

The face is where threading treatments are carried out.  No large surface areas such as legs.

Is it likely to be painful?

Painful no, uncomfortable ever so slightly. More so if it’s your first time but we can do a patch area on the back of your hand to give you a rough indication of the feeling.

Will my skin be red after?

Not too bad.  Normally with threading less redness is found due to no heat being applied unlike waxing.







Does gel polish ruin my natural nails?

No it shouldn’t do if applied correctly and taken off right.

How long does gel last?

Gel polish should last anything between 2-3 weeks.  Normally it’s the look of the growth line as to why people change it or they get bored of the colour.

Can I paint over gel with polish?

Yes you can no problem.  Be sure to remove the polish with a non acetone based varnish remover.




How long will the polish last?

It really depends on the individual and how they look after their nails and the lifestyle they lead but on average you should get 5-7 days.

How about if I have my own polish colour I like?

Yes please bring along your own colour or we can use our professional ones and match it up as close as possible.

I have jewellery I never take off. Is that alright?

Yes sure no problem we do use creams that may get stuck in them for a short period of time.

I think I may have dermatitis?

If you suspect you may have a skin condition please see you GP and then only attend your appointment if you are free from any conditions.

The best way to keep the polish lasting?

Well if you wash up then gloves are a must.  Also gardening gloves are best. If you’re having long soaks in the bath then try and avoid your hands being in the water the whole time.  Picking at labels trying to remove them seems to be one of the number one causes of nail lifting on the index finger.




Do I need to bring flip flops?

Yes please do this is really essential as we all know polish takes a while to dry and any rubbing with socks or shoes will disturb the polish coat.

Will my heels feel less cracked?

Yes they will with a standard pedicure and a deluxe is great with the paraffin wax but even more so with the callus treatment if your heels are very rough, dry and cracked.

What happens if I notice a Verruca before my appointment?

If it has the correct treatment product on it and a plaster we can carry out the treatment around it.

I think I may have nail Fungi or Athlete’s foot?  

We would ask kindly to seek medical attention and return to the salon for an alternative appointment once it’s all cleared up.

When will they be dry?

After an hour they will feel touch dry but actually dry can take some time.  But we use our quick dry product which helps to speed up the process.

What can I do at home to keep them looking & feeling good?

We will advise for you to use a home care routine which we will discuss after or during your treatment.



Eyelash Extensions


Do I need to have a test done beforehand?

Please have a test 24-48 hours or more beforehand.

How about if I’ve had eyelash extensions done elsewhere?

Yes a test is still required please book in first.

How do I know what size will suit me?

We will talk through the different options and find out what’s best for the look you want to achieve and tie it in with the lifestyle you lead.

Will eyelash extensions damage my own lashes?

No there won’t be any long time lasting effects.

How often will I have to get them infilled?

2-3 weeks is the normal length of time to leave for infills.  No longer than 3 weeks. If that happens to be the case we would have to book you in a longer time slot.

Will you infill if I’ve had them somewhere else?

No this isn’t something we would offer unfortunately.  Removing them and applying a new set we can.

What’ the best way to look after them?

Avoid rubbing your eyes too much.  Don’t use eye make-up remove that contains oil.  Submerging your eyes in water is best to be avoided frequently. Mascara need not to be applied.  You should comb them with the tool we give you especially after a shower or a bath.  Avoiding using it at the roots though.



Eyelash Lift


Do I need a test first?

Yes a test is essential.  Please allow 24-48 hours before your appointment.

How should my lashes be before the treatment?

Preferably clear from any products.  No make-up should be worn & no oil to the lashes. Some make-up remover contain oils.

I have short lashes will it work?

Yes the treatment will work and you’ll notice an improved look to the length of your natural lashes.

I have hooded lids will it look alright?

Yes we have a way of applying the product to work well with people who have hooded eyelids so no need to worry.

How long will it last?

4-6 weeks is roughly the time of the treatment lasting.



Eyelash & Brow Tint


When do I have to get the Tint test done?

Please allow 24-48 hours before your appointment for a test.

What to expect the end result to be like?

A darken look for the lashes almost like you have mascara on without the thickness.  

With the eyebrows you’ll notice a more defined look which will frame your face and draw attention to your eye area.

How long will it last?

Around 3-4 weeks.

Do I still wear mascara?

Yes you can wear mascara.