Why choose Threading over waxing on your face?

This ethnic origin derived treatment is set apart from any hair removal techniques.

Stray hairs be gone, with its precision, clean, fast glide those defined brows are set for perfection. It’s a no brainier.
Skin is all intact nothing removed other than unwanted hairs.

Sensitive skin conditions.
Hello great brows with no skin aggravation.
Rosacea this procedure is better on the delicate & fragile areas.


Remember brows are there for a reason so let’s not get pluck happy & get carried away.  Eyebrows thin as we grow older so more is less in this instance.

▪️No one wants premature ageing best of all on the face. Waxing assists with this.

▪️No chance of burning the skin or applying harmful chemicals.

▪️No double dipping (waxing application) so it’s very hygienic.

There’s a master to this practice that’s why it’s not used in all salons. So think before you choose your salon & therapist.

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£10 Eyebrow

£9 Lip/Chin

£12 Side Of Face

£28 Full Face

15 mins

15 mins

30 mins

1 Hour

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